Recent Work

Take a look at some of our previous projects to see that we are not just all talk!

nielsdesign nielsdesign


Squidge Inc has worked in partnership with nielsdesign for many years by combining their high quality design, illustration, photography and branding services into our online work.

The website for the nielsdesign studio reinforces the quality of their brand, with case-study highlights across a collection of services and clients, all navigated via an innovative carousel panel system.

Westminster Amalgamated Charity Westminster Amalgamated Charity

Westminster Amalgamated Charity

Westminster Amalgamated Charity (WAC) approached Squidge Inc with a brief to help them develop an online presence and brand for their charity and its work.

Working in partnership with nielsdesign, who focused on the branding and bespoke photography for the project, Squidge Inc managed and tailored a website solution specifically for the WAC. The delivered website contains detailed information about the various grant application procedures as well as a history of the charity. The design incorporates the new branding using a clean, fresh, yet traditional approach. Squidge Inc also created a simple content management solution so that WAC staff can easily amend key areas of the site.

TheSportsOsteo TheSportsOsteo


Sports Osteopath Marvin Wratten required a high quality web presence to advertise his sports osteopathy services.

Squidge Inc worked closely to the very specific brief to design a website that gives TheSportsOsteo brand a striking and professional platform from which it can grow. The website also gives visitors a simple and effective way to preview Marvin's credentials, to explore the services and advice on offer and most importantly, a quick way to get in contact.

The Brilliant English Company The Brilliant English Company

The Brilliant English Company

The Brilliant English Company (BEC) approached Squidge Inc to help them set-up and launch the website for their english language learning company.

The delivered website features extensive information about the services and ethos of the Brillant English Company. Other highlights include intergration with their ongoing blog on english language and other social networks such as Twitter.

BathTapped BathTapped


Squidge Inc was commissioned by BathTapped to produce a website for their new loyalty card scheme for Bath residents.

With design and branding delivered by nielsdesign, Squidge Inc advised BathTapped how to release their website in phases, the first being an information/sign-up website. This project is set to evolve as more partners sign-up to the BathTapped scheme. Squidge Inc is continuing to work with and develop BathTapped as it grows.

Naphill & Walters Ash Naphill & Walters Ash

Naphill & Walters Ash

This extensive project involves the ongoing design, production and development of the local website for Naphill & Walters Ash in Buckinghamshire.

From the beginning of this project Squidge Inc was keen to break the mould of standard local community websites by producing a high quality, professionsal site that will continue to evolve and become an ongoing reference for local residents. The initial version of the website features integration with a village Twitter account, a Google calendar of local events as well as information on local services, clubs, associations and a detailed history of the area.

BBC 'Genre Homepages' BBC 'Genre Homepages'

BBC 'Genre Homepages'

The BBC 'Genre Homepages' project involved a complete review, redesign and relaunch of some of the highest traffic homepages on

Working closely with the BBC's in-house design and technical teams, this project was delivered on time and on budget to wide praise both within the BBC and in design publications. Throughout production a high number of stakeholders had to be managed, along with complex technical and design schedules.

The deliverables included 15 new homepages for a wide variety of websites, including BBC:
Food, Gardening, Religion, Ethics, Health, Comedy, Science & Nature, History, Drama and Film.



This project involved a complete redesign and relaunch of the website for life coach company TWP.

With design work supplied by Pink Chimp Creative, the highlights of the finished site include a dynamic online poll, a bespoke content management system (CMS) for easy updates to portions of the website, and a HTML Newsletter subscription service.

Northamptonshire Decorative & Fine Arts Society (Northants DFAS) Northamptonshire Decorative & Fine Arts Society (Northants DFAS)

Northamptonshire Decorative & Fine Arts Society (Northants DFAS)

Squidge Inc worked closely with Northants DFAS to create an attractive and easy to navigate online presence for their society.

The new website has enabled Northants DFAS to provide information to potential new members, details on the annual lecture programme and highlights the conservation and sponsorship work carried out by the society.

Chateau de Mazelieres Chateau de Mazelieres

Chateau de Mazelieres

A new design and re-build of the Chateau de Mazelieres website was well overdue, so Squidge Inc helped get things back on track.

Working with Pink Chimp Creative, the new website gives visitors a chance to preview the facilities and costs for hiring the Chateau, with highlights including galleries, and a striking modern design.

The Law Firm of Salah Al-Hejailan The Law Firm of Salah Al-Hejailan

The Law Firm of Salah Al-Hejailan

After joining the Freshfields group, the law firm of Salah Al-Hejailan required a redesign and relaunch of their exisiting website.

This complex international project was done in partnership with Pink Chimp Creative and involved fast but high quality website production. The website was launched to high praise from the Saudi law firm.

Bryan Hanlon Bronzes Bryan Hanlon Bronzes

Bryan Hanlon Bronzes

Widely regarded as one of the UK's leading artists, Bryan Hanlon needed a high quality website to showcase his sculpture work and to promote upcoming exhibitions.

With design work supplied by nielsdesign, Squidge Inc developed and produced a striking website with an easy to browse online gallery of Bryan's sculpture work. A sister website was also re-developed in parallel to this project and launched at the same time to display examples from Bryan's painting portfolio.

Gardening Squad Gardening Squad

Gardening Squad

After developing their brand, London based Gardening Squad needed a high quality website to match the look and feel of their new company.

The brief for this project was to make sure that the site was simple, clear, and above everything, made people want to use the services of the Gardening Squad. The final site, designed by nielsdesign, features easy to browse information about Gardening Squad's various services, and even an auto-updated daily weather forcast for London!

BBC 'Productisation' BBC 'Productisation'

BBC 'Productisation'

The BBC 'Productisation' project started with an extensive information architecture review, user testing, redesign and relaunch of the BBC's Food and Gardening websites.

Working with a dedicated technical and design team, this project resulted in a very positive response from the general public, backed up with higher usage statistics. The project was so successful that Squidge Inc went on to manage the same process across the BBC's History, Religion, Ethics and Health websites, culminating in the relaunch of some of the largest and most highly regarded websites on

Baywater Bid Baywater Bid

Baywater Bid

The organisers behind the Bayswater BID gave a simple brief for a high quality website, but delivered to a very tight deadline.

Squidge Inc and Pink Chimp Creative worked quickly and efficiently to deliver a website that gives visitors a clear overview of the details surrounding the Bayswater BID. The final site also included a dynamic countdown counter on the homepage listing the number of days until the voting day... until they were successful and won the BID!